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The Ormes - Introduction

By Winterlånd


The preparation method of this exotic substance is shared for free to our visitors here. Winterlånd assumes its open-mindedness regarding the assertions that can be found on the ORMUS. If the Ormes do not benefit from the recognition of the scientific community, their history deserves our attention. It was through a positive experience with this substance that we decided in 2010 to give it a boost on our pages.

ORMES are best defined as "exotic elements". Being by definition neither solid, nor liquid, nor gaseous, their existence would testify to a new state of matter. This state was named "M-State". ORMES are derived from metals. According to this theory, they are nothing less than the elements of the Mendeleiev table in an surpassed form.  

Winterlånd offers its experience in this exciting area of exploration that is ORMUS. All the preparation methods are made available to the reader free of charge, so that everyone can experience it from home with curiosity and work to assimilate this technique.  

In the 1970s the ORMUS research field was actively supported by David Hudson, a wealthy American farmer. Since his death, research around the ORMUS has essentially operated empirically. Improvements and discoveries arising from the efforts of all researchers on the planet. Many discussion groups and workshops dedicated to ORMUS are working to popularize this substance.  

The acronym ORMES literally means "Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements". The term "Ormus" is the generic name used for any preparation containing these elements. Some Ormus preparations are made from gold, so gold is obtained in the M-state. Others are prepared from copper, then copper is obtained in the M-state. Another extraction method, the most applied, is what is called the "wet" method. According to this method ORMUS is prepared from raw sea salt. This naturally contains a wide spectrum of minerals. The result of this preparation detailed here is considered to be a "transmutation" of the minerals present in the salt to their M-state form.  

ORMES offer exciting prospects in terms of health, agriculture and the environment. Before getting to the heart of the matter and entering the wealth of files kindly translated by our site, we still specify that it is of our own free will that we relay ORMUS information despite their unusual and experimental nature. This product being based on an innocuous mixture of salt and potash, it does not present any danger or contraindication.









History of a discovery
By Roger Taylor.


The story begins in Phoenix (Arizona) in 1976. A certain David Hudson, a rich cotton farmer with tens of thousands of acres of land, is the main actor in this discovery. In Arizona, the soil is particularly rich in Sodium and must be treated with sulfuric acid in order to be made exploitable. Thus, the water and acid mixture gradually breaks up the alkaline crust, then we add Calcium carbonate and we finally obtain a soil suitable for cultivation in a few years. Subjected to such treatments, the dry earth began to produce an intense white glow, after heavy rain, afterwards this "white gold" disappeared completely, then returned cyclically after a thunderstorm. The volcanic soil of this region being known to possess rare properties and to contain precious metals, Hudson undertakes one day to order the complete quantitative analysis. To the amazement of the laboratory workers, some of the elements defy the analyzes since they have no metallic characteristic, no chemical reaction or spectroscopic signature. It is only by extending the analysis that spectral characteristics of precious metals begin to appear. This substance finally identified revealed: a mixture of iron, silica and aluminum. But above all 98% of noble metals from the platinum group (ruthenium, Rhodium, Iridium and Osmium) which we then took for "nothing".   Hudson had 22 patents filed on what were now known as ELMEs. from ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Element).   Having considerable financial resources, Hudson decides to push the investigations further and hires chemists to solve this riddle. The detailed results are contained in the patent he has filed. Tests to provide all the data necessary for multi-coating (evaluation of weights and measurements) revealed in particular that the ORMEs change in weight and appearance according to the temperatures to which they are subjected. The amplitude of the variations measured represents from 56% to 400% of their original weight. The experiments were repeated by several laboratories with the same results. The conclusions were as follows: ORMEs have attributes of superconductivity (even light can be transmitted by them), they are natural "high spin" superconductors with zero magnetic field. They evenly repel the north and south magnetic poles. Depending on the temperature to which they are subjected, these elements partially escape the force fields and float magnetically. These amazing attributes reveal an unknown state of matter (neither solid, liquid, or gas). Hal Phutoff's theory of "zero point energy" and space-time thus finds a potential field of experimentation thanks to ORMUS. What is underlying here is that the substance can escape our classical perception of space.   For example: Hudson says that "if the ORMUS iridium is heated to 850º Celsius, it will disappear and lose all its weight. When the temperature drops again, it reappears and it regains most of its previous weight. ” The Hudson patent contains an analytical map generated by a thermogravimetric device which illustrates this effect.   “In the quantum domain, it has been theorized that matter can indeed be in two places simultaneously. We now know that, because of the quantum "tangle", particles that are millions of light years apart can be related without physical contact. »Barry Carter ORMUS researcher. Hudson then gave numerous public lectures, yet not a single article appeared in the scientific press. Personally, I discovered this phenomenon by watching more than nine hours of Hudson's video lectures.   Hudson's claims are very bold, and hoping to find theoretical validation for them, I was slow to write about them. Although no academic research appears to be underway, an informal group of scientists and laymen has been researching the issue for several years. Without any funding or support from public institutions and without any connection with Hudson, this group has managed to reproduce some of its results. Their work is presented in the articles that Barry Carter, one of the main current specialists of ORMUS, publishes on a very complete website. There are also several forums on the internet, including one led by science enthusiasts, on the various chemical and physical aspects of these materials, as well as methods of extraction and analysis.

Hudson first called these elements ORMEs, Orbitally Re-arranged Monatomic Elements. At that time, he believes that the electrons of the ORMEs are reorganized so that they no longer lend themselves to chemical reactions. According to him, the bonds which normally ensure the cohesion of metal atoms in the solid state are missing; these metals would therefore be monoatomic. Further research indicates the presence of diatomic elements and unstable bonds with other elements, in particular alkali metals. ORME elements are now called ORMUS. They are also said to be in the M-state.




According to Hudson, these reorganized electrons would form Cooper pairs (co-author of the theory of superconductivity), capable of becoming superconductive at normal temperatures. As a demonstration Barry Carter produced a short video showing the famous gray powder strongly repelled when approached by a magnet. It can however be objected that this phenomenon of "jumping grains" is not a proof of superconductivity. To explore this controversy, it suffices to refer to a few public publications recommended by Hudson himself. It is about a state in which some heavy metal atoms acquire a "high spin"; but this has not yet been achieved on a significant scale [spin is the unit characteristic of the transformation of an object under the action of rotation in space. Ex: a five-pointed star returns to its initial appearance after having rotated on a single branch; its spin is said to be 5 (a figure which requires a full spin has a spin). He hypothesizes that this spin results in an elongation of their nucleus

Hudson then ordered analyzes of different materials and confirmed the presence of ORMUS elements in most samples, particularly those from volcanic soils. Other researchers say they have detected it in most natural waters, with the highest concentrations residing in seawater, especially the Dead Sea. One of the researchers claims to have found it in the air (it is not surprising that in the monoatomic state, even a heavy element can behave like a rare gas).

By doing analyzes on plants, Hudson chemists find a high level of ORMUS in plants growing in volcanic soil, especially Aloe Vera [officinal aloe]. A remarkable level of 5% dry matter is also found in the brains of calves and pigs. These analyzes are not easy to carry out, because they require the reconversion of the ORMUS content in its metallic form. This requires the “long-term” spectroscopy procedure used by Hudson, moreover carrying out these preparations in large quantities is a tedious process which remains to be perfected. Spectroscopy equipment is only accessible to a minority of independent researchers. Unfortunately, for various legal and financial reasons, Hudson himself eventually gave up his research.



Bright and silent flashes

However, much remains to be done to understand in terms of physics and chemistry the phenomena observed with the ORMUS elements. For example, Hudson saw an aqueous preparation of ORMUS rhodium heated in a sunlight test disappear in a flash of light, but without noise or shock wave. Equally strange, by repeatedly subjecting ORMUS iridium to intense hot and cold, he noticed that the weight of the material oscillated abruptly with each cycle, to the point of disappearing completely and then returning to its initial value. This effect was theorized by the Finnish theoretical physicist Matti Pitkänen in his theory of hyperdimension. The observation of the silent luminous flash has been confirmed by independent researchers as well as another unexplained phenomenon: drops of liquid containing an ORMUS concentrate form outside of closed containers, particularly under the effect of magnetic fields . One hypothesis would be that ORMUS atoms pass through the walls through "tunnels" carrying a little water. Another observation: ORMUS preparations in aqueous solutions develop static electric charges. They can then be discharged with the production of an audible spark.



ORMES Biology


The notion of quantum coherence explains that the apparently random activity (according to classical thermodynamics) of biological molecules is in fact governed by the same principles as those which govern the functioning of a device. This radically innovative look at biology was initiated by Dr Mae-Wan Ho. Recent work has opened up promising perspectives in quantum biology. While only a small part of DNA works by protein coding, the major part (known as waste DNA) works independently of chemistry to inform the body’s “quantum” field. In addition, a certain number of publications on superconductivity in living organisms would confirm Hudson's speculation as to the action of ORMUS on DNA; one can even repair the other's injuries. It has been suggested many times that the ORMUS can read the "medical history" of its user, some report sensations, ailments, in various parts of the body linked to previous states as if the ORMUS was examining these areas in order to see if a change was necessary.

One day, his own uncle who is interested in alchemy suggests a link with the "white gold" of alchemists, a powder with healing properties known to prolong life. Intrigued, Hudson administered an ORMUS preparation to a dog with piroplasmosis. The animal heals. Hudson distributes a few samples to doctors who prescribe them to patients. The healings observed will illustrate, with supporting graphics, the lectures given later by Hudson, who also sent samples to several laboratories including Merck & Co. and the National Cancer Institute. The latter will apply it to cancer cell cultures and will simply conclude that it is harmless. Hudson also anticipated potential for the development of these materials in heavy industry.


Nuts like tangerines


While it is difficult to obtain scientific data on human health, that from plant experiments is indisputable.

In agriculture, the most common preparation, but also the simplest and cheapest, consists of an ordinary concentrate obtained from sea water. The interest of sea products, in particular that of algae, is known in agriculture for much longer than ORMUS. Dr. Maynard Murray has collected extensive data on the health of animals fed on grains grown on land treated with seawater. An experiment was conducted on a breed of mouse, 90% of which are normally and spontaneously infected with cancer breast. Among those fed grain treated, only 55% developed cancer, and for the second generation, this figure dropped to 2%. Obviously, the soil sprinkled with seawater ends up being too salty, which threatens its fertility. The concentration process of ORMUS increases its salt proportion by approximately 80. Dr. Murray notes that human populations with low rates of malignant neoplasms are generally found in areas where there is "very little discharge to the sea", so the vital elements in the land alluvial remains on site.





Depending on the crop, ten to fifty liters of concentrate per hectare are sufficient. The results obtained in this way far exceed those of sea water, as evidenced by the photos (above).
One walnut treated for several years has been found to be twice the size of the rest and to produce six times more nuts; as for the nuts themselves, they are as big as mandarins!







A plum tree produced, in the first year of treatment, fruit twice as heavy as that of the control tree; and after two years, that weight has increased fivefold. We can see, in a photo, a farmer perched on a stepladder to reach his 3.60 m high corn plants!

Let us also mention these oranges the size of cantaloupe melons. We also know that plants treated with ORMUS are not only more productive, but that they reach maturity earlier, require less fertilizer and are more resistant to pests. In addition, the fruits taste better! I myself have experienced ORMUS on potatoes. Out of four rows of two different species, two were treated and the other two simply received the water equivalent. Result: 14 kg for the controls, 26 kg for the treated plants. I also got carrots over 450 grams.


It has been regularly observed that production increases again in the second and following years, after treatment. This is probably due to the fact that ORMUS enriches the soil content of mycorrhizae, symbiotic fungi necessary for plant growth and whose importance should be recognized, since they are seriously threatened by the excess of chemical fertilizers and herbicides.
Of course, there is no evidence that these results, however remarkable, are due to ORMUS. Critics could argue that they result from an additional supply of conventional minerals. A more rigorous scientific approach remains to be carried out.




The end of desertification

Population growth is inexorable and, at the same time, the surface of arable soil is limited and already largely cultivated. If it were possible to even double production with this inexpensive preparation from seawater, the threat of starvation would give way to abundance. Even without the use of ORMUS as a direct dietary supplement, men's health would be improved.

How is it that plants, animals and humans have run out of these elements? Their high concentration in seawater suggests that, over time, they have been carried away by runoff. This could explain the increasing desertification of a large part of the earth's surface. The phenomenon could be contained by treating large areas of land with ORMUS, for example by aerial spraying, especially on forests. In addition, to replace fossil fuels, the growth of biofuel producing plants could be increased over smaller areas.